The third season of Stranger Things along with its nail-biting narrative, staggering background score and an over the edge picturization has given us the most cherishable relationships this season.  

The summer of Hawkins had love brewing in the air. With the focus on Mike’s and El’s obvious lovey-dovey relationship that was pretty much the OTP of this season, there was a pair of lovebirds who rather strayed away from the spotlight.   


We’re talking about the coolest couple of the DnD gang, Lucas and Max AKA Mucus. While the entire plot-line of Stranger Thing’s 3 centered across every other couple, ‘Mucas’ was just keeping it chill. Theirs is a typical, realistic young romance and here’s why we want an equation just like that.   

1. When it comes to teasing others, there is no (tone-deaf) team like theirs. 

This season finally saw (read: heard) Dustin’s girlfriend Suzie and well.. it was one hell of a duet. But while everyone sure did forget about it, Mucus made sure to remind Dustin of this horror together. They made sure that when it comes to taking someone’s case, they got each other’s back. 

2. They showed everyone that break-ups are a no big deal.  

Mucas have been dating for a bit now. Even though the series didn’t quite acknowledge it, they were the flagbearers of a true blue couple. And just because they were so secure in their relationship, they knew that a break-up is a no big deal.  

3. They were okay being the outspoken couple. 

These two have always shown us that they are friends first and a couple later. Whenever any of them made a stupid remark, the other was never afraid to let them know how dumb they sound (even if it’s in front of everyone.) 

4. They both have the most solid relationship advice (cuz they got one).

While Mike and El were figuring out what to do after a break-up, Lucas and Max came to their rescue. Not only did they make them feel better, they knew exactly what to do after one. Looks like they keep coming back. 

5. They made us realize that teasing each other is an important part of a relationship.

Their relationship was a true representation of a cute teenage romance. While they used to take everyone else’s case collectively, them goofing around with each other made us fall in love with these two even more.   

6. They believed in healthy arguments. 

They low key always questioned each other’s dumb ideas to make each other realize that they are making a complete fool of themselves. Solid foundation right there!  

7. And well..mocked each other like your go-to-pal.  

While their plan of action was always subtle questioning, they made sure to roast the hell out of each other if the former was not comprehended by the other in the first go. 

8. They know the A-Z of a relationship without even trying hard. 

Even though they never really talked about their relationship with their friends, they knew everything about how to keep things going. Every advice they gave their friends was definitely a tried and tested.  

9. They made sure to never be ‘that couple’ who misses out a gang-gathering. 

Unlike their friends, this couple always made sure to never miss meeting their gang. Their idea of dating was to chill out with everyone without making anyone uncomfortable. Their vibes as a couple were so comfortable that everyone seemed to be a part of their relationship.  

This weird and absolutely normal equation amidst everything else made us believe that there are a whole lotta ‘human’ emotions amidst the upside-down.