Tripling is one of those shows that not only managed to develop a sense of connect with the audiences, but also started out important conversations, while still keeping it light. Three seasons out, and the show has left us with an honest sibling dynamic each time. Watching Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan figure out life on a road-trip was definitely all sorts of fun, but season 3 is more than that – with the siblings trying to juggle between life and family. It’s perhaps the dysfunctional family and the parent-child dynamic in the season, that has stayed with people.

And we spoke to Maanvi Gagroo and Amol Parashar about season 3 of Tripling.

The show is something that appeals to viewers of different age groups, different generations for that matter. It’s something that a parent and child can watch together. We asked the actors about what they think it is that makes it so.

Maanvi shared that initially they weren’t sure if parents would relate to the show, and it was perceived as something that’d interest millennials and Gen Z. However, there’s a very organic personality that characters have – which makes people (even parents) feel seen, and perhaps this develops a connect.

“Say, if our characters use a bad word, or a specific lingo, you can see the parents reacting to it in the same way parents normally do. So it ends up becoming relatable for different age groups.”


The characters have been treated in a way that they all have a unique personality or trait. Some of them are quirky, yet relatable. Speaking of which, the actors talked about relatability with their characters.

Amol believes that he doesn’t relate with his character, but it’s nice to see the connect that people have found with Chitvan. He’s the “fun one” out of the three siblings and has a different personality altogether. For Amol it’s exciting to see that there are people out there who actually relate with his antics. Whereas Maani says that Chanchal isn’t quirky at all. According to her, whatever quirkiness we do see on-screen, it’s mostly her personality that reflects. Chanchal is in fact, the most reasonable sibling among the three, and Maanvi Gagroo finds a similarity there.


Season 3 of Tripling also shows an emotional growth in Amol’s character. Chitvan develops a sense of responsibility, but his personality of a free-spirited guy doesn’t change. Amol talked about this added layer and how it felt juggling between his unchanged quirkiness and the said growth.

Chitvan feels a sense of attachment for someone (the kid), which is new, even for him. But according to Amol, it’s not a sudden realization for his character, but something that he develops over time. He also added that it didn’t feel as difficult to keep switching, given that his core, his personality was something that he had been playing out for two seasons. And the character growth that Chitvan achieves was a process which started out parallelly.

“It would have definitely been a task if Chitvan were a new character in the show. But since I played this character for two seasons, the added layer didn’t feel inorganic to perform, as an actor.”

Amol Parashar

If you’ve watched the show, you’d agree that Chanchal is the balance between her two families, and the siblings. There are times when she has to act like a parent. Adding to that pressure, there was a lot of reasoning that season 3 had, wherein the siblings and the parents were all coming from different places. We asked Maanvi if she saw parents in a different light while playing her character.

Parents are individuals as well, and they must have a life of their own, like any of us do. Maanvi shared that she has always tried to see parents as people who need their separate identities. And to play it out on-screen felt like an important and a positive thing to do, given that there’s a taboo associated with divorce. So, talking about it, or showing this conversation in a positive light was something that intrigued her. She mentioned that it is an important realization to finally accept that they need space, outside the relationship and the family.

Maanvi Gagroo

The theme of the show revolves a lot around travelling. And while it looks like a lot of fun, we cannot always comprehend the pressure that goes on behind the scenes. Amol opened up about travelling for a show, and what it feels like.

Amol talked about the effort of the cast and crew that goes on to perform while travelling, given the set-up and other things. He then added, that as actors it isn’t always easy, because on-screen they have to show that they’re having fun, which isn’t always the case. At the end of the day, actors need to perform based on what the character demands. According to him, there are times when they feel exhausted or blue, but it all comes down to pretending, given that’s what the job demands. However, he also mentioned that on good days, travelling does sound nice.

All images are screenshots from the show on Zee5.