Every morning, Chetan Bhagat wakes up,picks up one of his own books, skips to the part where the main character is having sex, then  watches a clip of himself dancing on TV and logs into Twitter to decide if he wants to be conservative or liberal. It’s an odd-even thing for him. 

Economic Times

But every day, he gets trolled by both the right and the left. Even centrists have a go at him. However, he doesn’t often get trolled by people who have been in movies based on his books. Which is why today is special. 


So, what happened was Netflix asked people if books were better than movies. 

So Chetan Bhagat was like, ‘Naah my books are better’, to which Madhavan said he preferred movies. 

Then Chetan Bhagat put the proverbial foot in his mouth and said name one movie that was better than the book. And everybody’s favourite DaddyMaddy obliged. It was, of course, harmless banter but to the common man unaware of any existing friendship between the two, this should have hurt!

Ah, well, where’s the lie? Anyhow, people have been rolling on the ice-cold floor and laughing for hours. So, you know it’s a good burn. 

Damn, just seems like Maddy boi had been holding that one in for a while. You can see the whole conversation here:

Of course, this has all the markings of a scripted conversation to promote Netflix’s Decoupled.