Madhur Bhandarkar has been given police protection amid protests against his film “Indu Sarkar”, reported NDTV.

The filmmaker will have two policemen in the day and two at night.

This comes after a press conference of filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar in Pune to promote his upcoming film ‘Indu Sarkar’, was cancelled when Congress activists hounded him throughout the day and did not allow him to come out of his hotel, The Times of India reported.

According to The Hindustan Times, the filmmaker stayed put at his hotel on Bund Garden road even as Congress workers kept vigil amidst police presence in the hotel lobby.

Bhandarkar’s press conference was scheduled at Port O’ Gomez restaurant in Gandhi Nagar at 11.30 am. Around 50 Congress workers, led by city president Vikas Thakre, gathered in front of the hotel and started raising slogans against the filmmaker and the movie. Sensing trouble, Bhandarkar cancelled his press conference at around 11.15 am.

The director has attracted the wrath of the Congress workers over some portions of the film that they find objectionable.

“I have been threatened with blackening of my face in Lucknow, a chappal garland in Allahabad and even issued a legal notice from a woman who claims to be Sanjay Gandhi’s daughter,” Bhandarkar said while speaking to HT.

Bhandkar said he made reality cinema where everything was well researched. “I am using everything that is documented to create my story. This film is not based on the Emergency, but Emergency is used as a backdrop in the film which is about two married people and their ideologies, while the film is political in nature. I am appalled by the treatment and this ruckus that the Congress workers created first at the venue and later in the hotel,,” he said.

Police has not taken any action against Congress workers as they did not indulge in any violent activity.

(Feature Image Source: PTI)