Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar said he will put a disclaimer in “Indu Sarkar”, stating that the film, which is set against the backdrop of the Emergency, is mostly fictional.

“I am going to put a disclaimer. It will state that the events have been dramatised for the purpose of the film. I have been saying the film is 70 per cent fiction and 30 per cent real. So now, I need to put up a disclaimer,” Bhandarkar told reporters. The filmmaker said due to the controversy, the real story of “Indu Sarkar” was getting lost.

“Let me again say ‘Indu Sarkar’ is about a husband and wife caught in the throes of the Emergency and it’s not a political film. Due to the controversy, the real story is getting drowned,” he said.

When asked to comment on the legal notice sent to him by a woman who claims to be Sanjay Gandhi’s daughter, Bhandarkar said a formal reply has been sent to her. The legal notice alleged that the trailer of the film was misleading in its portrayal of the late Congress leader.

“I heard what she said. On earlier occasions as well, I received some legal letters from her. My lawyers had replied then. We had acknowledged it. We have replied again,” he said. 

The film has also run into trouble with the CBFC, which has demanded 14 cuts.

b’The CBFC has demanded 14 cuts in the film | Source: PTI’

Reacting to it, the film’s lead star Kirti Kulhari said, “We don’t realise that we live in an age of the Internet where everything is available online. CBFC should just give a certificate and let people take a call themselves. Give them the freedom to make their own opinion rather than giving out the version of the film which they think is good for the people.”

The film also stars Neil Nitin Mukesh, Anupam Kher and Bengali actor Tota Roy Chowdhury.

(Feature Image Source: PTI)