Marking the expansion of her eclectic charm in the OTT space, Madhuri Dixit makes a debut in Netflix’s suspense-thriller series The Fame Game. 

Madhuri plays Anamika Anand, a superstar who masquerades as a perfect wife, mother, and daughter. When news of her disappearance breaks, the bubble of her make-believe bursts in front of the world.

Throughout the trailer, Madhuri is armed to the teeth with grace and poise and we have Sanjay Kapoor playing her husband. The marital relation between the two is strained, which becomes the crux of the investigation.

Interestingly, we also have Manav Koul, who plays Madhuri’s love interest, and he already appears to be an impressive persona. Well has Manav Koul ever not left us spellbound?

From the first glimpse of the trailer, it’s clear that the storyline charts the life of a superstar, separating the reel from the real, and is intertwined with suspense. Madhuri Dixit seems to have left us thoroughly impressed with this debut. 

The show will be released on Netflix on 25th Feb, 2022. 

You can watch the entire trailer here: