In a world, so full of shit, memes can be the only consistent source of happiness. Memes are the only invention of mankind that keeps on evolving itself faster than the plans of that elusive Goa trip. And what’s better is that they keep on reinventing themselves, with new pictures, new ideas and new victims each time. This time, it is a scene from Shah Rukh Khan’s 13-year-old movie Main Hoon Na. Now, some of them are funny, some of them fall apart, but we say, give it some time, it still has a few weeks to go before extinguishing. 

Here are a few of these memes we came across while hounding the twittersphere-

Oh and here’s the template. Help yourself.


And of course, there are more of these. Much more, we daresay and funnier. You even have the template now. So express yourself.