In a surprising turn of events, Vicky Goswami, who is facing allegations of being the kingpin of international drug cartel, has claimed that the former Bollywood actress, Mamta Kulkarni is not his wife and is just a well wisher. 

The Thane Police suspect that the former actress was running parts of his drug empire for him.

b’A still from Karan Arjun | Source: YouTube’

In an interview to Mail Today, Goswami said

She is a well-wisher. When I was in trouble, she stood by me. People are talking rubbish about her. They don’t know what a kind soul she is. Why are people calling me Mamta Kulkarni’s husband? What husband? I swear I was never married to her. All they want is masala so that they can make a Bollywood potboiler on drug racket.” 

A few days ago,Thane police seized 18.5 tonnes of a raw material used to make narcotics. It was during this investigation that they found Vicky Goswami was the alleged kingpin of the drug mafia. He was reportedly arrested by Kenyan police officials last week


According to Vicky Goswami, the American Drug Enforcement Agency have pressurised the Thane Police to conduct this investigation. 

 “I was in Dubai prison for over 15 years. I became a victim of discrimination. Our embassy knew about it. Our foreign ministry knew about it also. Some unknown people are trying to destroy me,” he claimed.

Meanwhile the Thane police are quite convinced that  22.5 tonnes of ephedrine seized from a manufacturing unit of Avon Lifesciences was to be supplied to Vicky Goswami. The company however, said that they were operating entirely under the law. 

Feature image source: YouTube/ Daily Mail