We are moving towards a sustainable environment and making healthy choices for ourselves. A man from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh is setting an excellent example of healthy living for us.

Ramveer Singh decided to quit his job as a journalist and devote his time to his ancestral land to grow organic vegetables. It was because of a chemical-laden vegetable his friend’s uncle got cancer, and it got him worried about his family.


The farm is 40 km away from Bareilly, and I travelled to grow the vegetables and increase the production on the land.

As per reports, he also worked as a freelance journalist and started his business to sell organic farm products commercially. During his visit to Dubai in 2018, he learned about hydroponics farming, a method that does not require soil and can be grown with less pest infestation and saves about 80 percent of the water used for farming.

His passion for farming today lead to converting his three-story house into a hydroponics farm. Ramveer has built a proper infrastructure for this farming.

I installed two methods for the farm using Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and Deep Flow Technique (DFT). At present, the farm is spread across 750 sq meters of space, hosting over 10,000 plants.

Over years, he has managed to establish his Vimpa Organic and Hydroponics company which earns him a revenue of Rs 70 lakh a year reportedly.

I grow all seasonal vegetables with hydroponics. The system is designed using PVC pipes and circulates the water with the help of gravity. The arrangement ensures that about 16 nutrients such as magnesium, copper, phosphorus, nitrogen, zinc and others reach the plants by introducing them in the flowing water. The method saves 90 per cent use of water.

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