We have seen many strange marriage proposals in our time, but this one surely takes the cake.

Source: The Current.pk

Or, should we say, gol gappe

Source: The Current.pk

A man recently proposed to his girlfriend while hiding the ring in *drum rolls please* GOL GAPPE

Yes, not in a wine glass, not in a rose but our favourite gol gappe. 

His girlfriend Hanan who is a Ph.D. student was thrilled about it and tweeted that: 

I mean,, can’t say no to pani puri.

I have a question though, wasn't he scared that she might end up swallowing the ring? 

Source: Pro Pakistani

Well, seeing this, Twitterati went gaga over the proposal and some were concerned about the same. 

Well, this man is single-handedly setting some crazy 'gols' for all of us.