Out of the many things that can be seen as a grievance, in the modern-day work culture, no one can anticipate that doing ‘nothing’, could be one too! Well, Dermot Alastair Mills from Dublin, Ireland certain seems to think that’s a major problem. Because, he’s suing his workplace for paying him ₹1 Crore a year and making him do nothing in exchange.

Dermot Alastair Mills worked for Irish Rail as a finance manager. Mills says he only went to work 2 days out of his 5 day work-week and did very little work there. The finance manager also claims to have faced bullying from his organization post receiving a promotion. And things got much worse after he called out irregular accounting at his firm.

It can seem strange that Mills had an issue with having such little responsibilities and being paid so generously for it. But in a hearing at the Workplace Relations Commission, he explained that he was being prevented from using his skills at work. 

Proof that money isn’t everything!