“Never meet your heroes,” they say because there’s a chance they’ll disappoint you. However, a Bollywood “hero” stood out when he made a thoughtful gesture towards a journalist. It’s none other than Manoj Bajpayee, one of Hindi cinema’s most outstanding actors. 

On the actor’s birthday, April 23, a journalist described an incident when she was supposed to interview Bajpayee during the promotion for The Family Man. Rituparna Chatterjee, the journalist, was 8 months pregnant at the time. She took to Twitter to tell a wonderful story about the actor from 2013.

When it was Chatterjee’s turn to ask questions, Manoj Bajpayee asked if they could go inside his room for the interview. He made her sit on his bed, asked her to lift her feet, and placed two cushions behind her back because she had been standing for far too long.

The anecdote about the actor’s kind gesture went viral on Twitter and it even caught Bajpayee’s attention. He responded to the Twitter thread by sending the journalist’s son love.

Later, several Twitter users recounted their own encounters with the actor, describing how nice he was. Meanwhile, others applauded the actor for his humility.

What a rare and endearing tale.