It’s not a secret that as Indians, we all live and breathe Entertainment & Cricket. Now, for all our intense binge-sesh needs Amazon Prime Video is already the ultimate one-stop-shop with its plethora of of Indian and international movies, originals and shows, across genres and languages to choose from. But as we prepare for fresh beginnings with a brand new year, the streaming service is bringing in something exciting for all the cricket fanatics too! *Drumroll please* because from January 1st, 2022, we’ll even be able to watch live cricket matches on Amazon Prime Video

To mark its thrilling new innings and welcome the New Zealand Cricket team to its family, Prime Video got two dynamic personalities together for a fun conversation and it turned out to be pretty darn cool. We’re talking about our very own Srikant Tiwari from ‘The Family Man’ a.k.a Manoj Bajpayee and Kane Williamson, the captain of the New Zealand national team.  

Well firstly, their chemistry was crackling. Manoj (in true Srikant style!) donned the hat of a responsible family man before welcoming a new member into the house. And he sure didn’t forget to teach Kane how to not be a ‘minimum guy’ while engaging in an electrifying question-answer session with the cricketer. 

We knew that Srikant Tiwari was cool, but watching his knowledge and love for cricket just enhanced our admiration for him tenfold. Manoj already had a couple of questions ready with him, hoping to corner the New Zealand batsman. It started with Manoj asking Kane about the biggest feat achieved by the New Zealand cricket team in the world of sports, and ended with the cricketer revealing to Manoj that his favourite show on Amazon Prime Video was ‘Mirzapur’ when of course, Manoj expected him to say ‘The Family Man’. And just like that, Kane hit a cracking six off the field with his quirky comebacks. 

Both Manoj and Kane shared how excited they were about Amazon Prime Video’s first foray into live cricket in India. In fact, Kane even went on to say that he finds cricket and Manoj Bajpayee’s ‘The Family Man’ quite similar in terms of featuring a healthy dose of both drama and entertainment. Check out their super interesting catch-up right here. 

Amazon Prime Video has always been committed to giving us, viewers, exactly what we want to watch. And right now, the cricket fans in us are even more thrilled for the new year. Amazon Prime members will be able to catch the exciting on-field action of New Zealand Cricket live from the pitches of New Zealand! This includes the highly-anticipated series between the Indian and New Zealand Women’s Cricket Teams in February 2022, as well as, the Indian and New Zealand Men’s Cricket Teams presently scheduled for November 2022. Additionally, there’s also Bangladesh’s tour of New Zealand in January 2022, South Africa’s tour in February 2022, Australia’s tour in March 2022 and Netherland’s tour in March/ April 2022.

But until the New Year day arrives, you can grab that coffee, get under your blanket and enjoy your favourite shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video