She is arguably the most famous blonde in history. Her charisma and fame is something people can only dream of. But all that spotlight came at a price and faded away really soon. Marilyn Monroe was found dead at her home in California on August 5, 1962, at the tender age of 36. Her death raised many controversies and the truth behind her sudden demise still remains a mystery.

Here are 10 conspiracy theories related to the mysterious death of Norma Jean a.k.a. Marilyn Monroe:

1. Was it murder?

She died of drug overdose. However, there was no trace of it in the stomach or intestinal tract. Nor were there any puncture marks on her body. This may indicate that she was given the drugs by force.


2. The housekeeper.

Her housekeeper, Eunice Murray, was seen washing the bed linen and had changed the sheets when the police arrived. Murray first said that she phoned Marilyn’s doctor at midnight. Later, she said that she called the doc at 3 AM. Murray then left for Europe, even though she was a key witness. And who sponsored her trip?

3. The Kennedy connection.

This theory probably gained most popularity. Marilyn Monroe was suspected of having affairs with JFK and/or his younger brother Robert Kennedy. It is said that she had too much information about the family or was probably dreaming of being the next first lady. This possibly landed her in trouble.


4. Involvement of a mobster?

Recently a tape of a conversation between her hair stylist George Masters and his nephew, Jeff Platts was released. Masters told Jeff that Monroe had actually spent the weekend with mobster Sam Giancana. He also went on to say that she was in love with him. Or maybe Giancana just wanted her to keep hush about her affairs with the Kennedy.


5. Where did the time fly?

Around 7:30 PM, she spoke to her psychologist Dr. Greenson and her ex-husband Joe Dimaggio, sounding normal & happy over the phone. But when actor Peter Lawford called her half an hour later, she seemed heavily drugged and sounded suicidal. Her time of death was put between 10 to 10.30 PM. What happened in those 3 hours is unknown.


6. Could it have been an accident?

Marilyn was addicted to Nembutal pills and was going through sessions to fight it. Her doctor substituted Nembutal with chloral hydrate. A heavy dose or mixing with alcohol could have led to her death.


7. Stress of unsuccessful marriages?

Monroe already had a failed marriage before meeting baseball player, Joe DiMaggio. Their marriage was unsuccessful too because he was extremely insecure and started spying on her. Her 3rd marriage with Arthur Miller didn’t last long either. She went through many failed pregnancies and nervous breakdowns. Such depression could have aggravated her death.

8. The will of THE people in the will?

Her business manager, Inez Melson, said that the number of people to benefit from her death were quite a few according to Monroe’s will. Melson claimed that she was under constant pressure from big names like Lee Strasberg and her own doctors as well, who wanted shares of her assets.


9. The missing FBI files.

The Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Act tried a lot to lay their hands on Marilyn’s case reports. The only reports found began from 1955 up till a few months before her death. Why the FBI hid the rest is still a question mark.


10. To the hospital and back again.

Her stylist George Masters revealed another shocking thing when he said, “Did you know she was pronounced dead, and then they brought her back to the house, and she was still alive, and they took her back to the hospital, and brought her back home, and then the coroners came over, and they found her dead in another bed. Somebody moved her.”


This is how the phone call between Jeff Platts and George Masters ended:

Masters: “And you know how she died? It was an enema. With Nembutal.” Platts: “For the purpose of getting high with the drugs?” Masters: “No. It was because of the Kennedys. I really think the FBI did it.”

Disclaimer: We do not support or endorse any of these theories. This article is meant to only provide facts & information of other conspiracy theories that came to light after the death of Marilyn Monroe.