Marlon Brando was well known not only for his streak of brilliance when it came to acting but also for his behavioural issues which routinely exasperated the people he worked with. But every genius comes with his own baggage. Responsible for bringing realism into acting, Marlon Brando is still looked up to as one of the greatest actors of his time. Preferring to read his dialogues from cue cards instead of rote learning, he infused his performances with spontaneity and genuine emotion. His work as the formidable Don Vito Corleone brought him accolades and an Academy award. Unable to deliver a box office success for ten years prior to The Godfather, many had dismissed him as a failure before he stepped up to deliver one of the greatest performances of all time. We bring you a few of his charismatic dialogues which imprinted Brando as the Godfather in our minds. 

Saluting the legend who brought the Godfather to life.

Design Credit: Vineet Kumar