Recently, actor Aamir Khan and writer-director Kiran Rao announced that the two are divorcing, and will move on to a new chapter in their lives, “no longer as husband and wife, but as co-parents and family for each other.”

Amar Ujala

A day after the joint statement, the two also released a video on the YouTube page of their non-profit, the Paani Foundation, explaining their decision.

Considering media’s, and our society’s, unhealthy obsession with the private lives of celebs, it is understandable why Aamir and Kiran issued a joint statement, rather than let speculations run rife. 

But, did they really need to? Why are consenting adults still expected to explain their private lives to society? 

The decision to marry or divorce your partner is a private affair. Celebrities spend a major part of their lives in the public eye. But does that mean they owe the world an explanation for their personal decisions and deserve to have their private lives splattered all over the media? 


However, it’s not just about the excessive intrusion into celebrities’ private life, but rather, about society’s expectations from anyone who dares to go against the “norm”, especially couples. 

Private matters, such as the decision to live together, not have children, separate from a partner, get back together with an ex-partner, and whatnot, are constantly under scrutiny from ‘concerned’ relatives, neighbors, and, essentially, the society in general. But why? 

It’s one thing to share information with friends and/or family. But let’s not justify the vested interest far-off relatives have in someone’s personal lives as “concern”.  

A relationship between two consenting adults should not be the topic of gossip and couples should not have to explain their actions to society – the same society that would condemn them to abuse in the name of ‘tradition’ and not interfere when actually needed.