The concept of marriage puts the fear of God in all of us. There are hundreds of things that go through your mind, “What will your life partner think of your likes?” “Will they like you for who you are?” “Will there be a happy ending at the end of it all?” But these concerns disappear when the person you marry is the person you’ve known and loved for the most part of your life, your best friend. Here are 15 reasons why marriage is bliss when you marry your best friend;

1. There won’t be any shocking surprises popping out of nowhere.

2. Married life is not always a bed of roses but it becomes easier when you’re with someone who knows how to handle your lows.

3. Marriage is built on the bed-rock of trust. And you trust your best friend more than anyone else.

4. The process of adjusting to your partner’s tastes is much smoother because it’s already happened.

5. Tiffs about your significant others’ “past” can play spoil-sport in a marriage. But when you share a common past, those tiffs go out the window.

6. There’s no one on planet earth who can tickle your funny bone like your best friend.

7. You already know each other’s favourite movies, music and drinks.

8. You never have to feel like you’ve let down your partner because you know each other too well for such petty worries.

9. You know their turn-ons and turn-offs like the back of your hand.

10. You may have days when you don’t look your super-amazing-ultra-beautiful self but your best friend will love you even when you look like crap.

11. There will never be a moment when you feel like you’re not at home.

12. No matter how crazy your dreams are, your best friend will never stop supporting you.

13. The little joys in life don’t go unnoticed when you’re with your best friend.

14. Your best friend can criticize you without you misunderstanding the intention behind it.

On the occasion of Karva Chauth, we wish you & your soulmate a very healthy & blessed  happily ever after.

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