Remember that pesky friend who’s the first one to watch a much-anticipated film? And remember how they take it upon themselves to vomit spoilers at any chance they get? Yeah, we hate those friends. And well, Marvel does too.

In a recent PSA, Marvel is subtly sending a message to the miscreants who don’t understand the concept of a spoiler-free movie experience. Here it is:

In the PSA, the big guns of the Avengers’ roster are being questioned about plot points. But at no point do they break their silence.

Marvel wants to make an example of their commitment to the no-spoiler cause. And we’re totally with them on this.

So, if you happen to catch Avengers: Infinity War before everyone else, don’t be a smart-ass and let others enjoy it too.

Issued in public interest. #SayNoToSpoilers #ThanosDemandsYourSilence