Irrespective of how Endgame turns out to be, there are some things for certain. I mean, you can’t change the fact that Tony Stark is Iron Man or that Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, giving him superpowers. 


But what if we could rewind to the beginning and see how things would have turned out if the circumstances were different?

What if Loki was the first to wield Mjolnir? What if Tony Stark, during all his years of being a scientific genius slipped on machine oil and died?

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According to CBR, these are mere examples of the kind of things Marvel might be exploring in their new What if? show, which is reportedly being developed for the streaming service, Disney +.


Actually, the part about Loki lifting Mjolnir is pretty much confirmed. 

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What if? was a Marvel comic anthology series that showcased various alternate outcomes of famous MCU events.

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Reports state that the series is to be animated and the stars of the MCU might voice some of the characters on the show. 


So I guess, we might get to see at least one of Dr. Strange’s 14,000,605 possible outcomes of Infinity War, other than whatever happens in Endgame of course.