I have finally found a reason to forgive Netflix for the not-so-great Hindi originals it has been showcasing (you know which ‘killer’ series I am talking about). 

Because Masaan is on Netflix.  

Masaan, which was the debut film of actor Vicky Kaushal, writer Varun Grover, and director Neeraj Ghaywan, went on to win two awards at the Cannes Film Festival. 

A heartwrenching, honest, and moving exploration of grief, Masaan portrays two parallel storylines of Deepak (Vicky Kaushal) and Devi (Richa Chadha) and is set in Varanasi.

It features a cameo by Pankaj Tripathi which is undoubtedly one of his most endearing roles to date. It is also the film that, with just three songs, established the power of original compositions.

But ultimately, Masaan is a story that will forever be relatable, always leaving your heart constricted, but your soul lighter. Finally, 2020 ka kuch dukh khatam hua. 

All images from Netflix’s Instagram post.