Netflix’s latest release, Masaba Masaba navigates through the life of actor Neena Gupta and her daughter, designer Masaba Gupta. And while they go through various highs and lows, there was one particular scene that left a mark. 

Back in 2017, Neena Gupta shared a post saying that she was in Mumbai and ready to take on new projects. The post went viral back then, and now we finally know why the actor chose to clarify her status on Instagram. 

The show spoke about Neena’s struggling in landing roles because of her age, and also because people often assumed that she didn’t live in Mumbai. So she took to Instagram to ask for work and that soon become the centre of attention. 

The moment in the show was as iconic as the Instagram post 3 years ago. Especially when you throw a supportive daughter in the mix who shared the post immediately. 

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Just the other day I was telling someone .. how I am never afraid/ shy to ask for work. Its obviously genetic. My mother put up this post on her instagram today. I mean,my 62yr old national award winning mother. She told me I must always work .. no matter what .. it keeps you from getting old…she told me they don’t write for women her age anymore … I don’t think anyone can replicate what she did for TV anymore.. she complains that she can’t do PR .. but says ‘I do good work,that’s my PR’.. time and again we’ve spoken about how whatever she asks for … in due time ,she gets… But that’s the magic of a pure heart. The universe just can’t refuse you… the only advice I have the guts to give her is.. don’t work with anyone who won’t respect you ,at this age , that’s the bare minimum & it’s a strange strange industry she’s in… the advice she gives me in return is..’whatever you do,free ka PR mat khaana,your only someone’s kid/wife/niece/sister for this long. Prove yourself. WORK. Walk the talk & fly ♥️😁♥️ @neena_gupta #neenaji

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Neena Gupta’s talent was constantly shoved under the rug in an industry that thrives on nepotism. And to watch her rise about all that, outspoken and go on to do great work that we love and admire is a delight. 

But even re-enacted, her win is groundbreaking. The pure joy she feels while going back on set and shooting for Badhaai Ho radiates off the screen. We’re so glad she was bold enough to ask for what she wants, because we love watching her live her dream. 

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