Once upon a time, you and Math were friends. Those were the days when Maths meant apples and oranges. But after that, things got complicated with alphabets and weird signs coming into the picture. You stopped raising your hand during classes, marks went from 90 to 30 and your girlfriend left you because you weren’t smart enough. And that was the beginning of a lifelong enmity.

Maths didn’t stop at ruining your life in school. It still haunts you like a curse. If you too face these problems because of numbers, say aye!

1. At a sale, you prefer 50% off to anything higher or lower, because division by anything other than 2 requires a calculator.

2. Maths has made you cry more times than your girlfriend/boyfriend, mother and mean words put together.

3. Maths works in mysterious ways. Happy Hours and cab prices like Rs.15/km look relatively cheap until… BAM! A massive bill.

4. While paying your bills, you accept the change without checking. Because 1000-843 leaves you confused and your trust in Humanity > your Maths skills.

5. You don’t dare to question the accounts department about the salary deductions. Because, Maths.


6. You hire people to do your taxes. So many numbers give you a headache.

7. Even your maid, sabziwallah and dhoodhwallah know that you suck at Maths and take advantage of it.

8. You plan to spend wisely, save money and get rich, but midway through you’re always broke. Because numbers and you are in constant 36 ka aankda situation.

9. Your relationship with the college of your dreams, ended before it even began because Maths became kabab mein haddi .

10. Your childhood ambitions of becoming an astronaut, a scientist, or something that fancy never came true. Because Maths.

11. Imaginary numbers scare you WAY more than the scary imaginary characters like Boogeyman or the woman-in-white.

Very simply put, this is what Maths is like: You had 4 apples. Your friend gave you 2 more. So, how many grapes do you have?I scored 98 in Maths. #JustSaying