There has been huge outcry about Indian film industry experiencing loss in business these days. Some of the latest commercial movies like Shamshera and Raksha Bandhan that tanked at the box office are proof of it. Now let’s see Hollywood ke kya haal hain!

We have Hollywood icon Matt Damon explaining why the West isn’t making the movies like in the 90s and only focuses on formulaic movies that will ‘work’.

Best known for films like Good Will Hunting and Saving Private Ryan, the actor appeared on the sets of American YouTuber Sean Evans’ series, Hot Ones. A video of him talking about the film business along with the show host is going viral on Twitter.

A still from Hot Ones/Gaming Tweaks

The clip posted by a Twitter user, @Todd_Spence, shows Evans asking Damon about his opinion on how the production of films has changed since the 90s. Evans begins the conversation saying, “Viewers are sitting on the couch on a Friday night, going through the streaming services, cycling through the movies and thinking to themselves, ‘They’re not making movies for me anymore’.”

To which, Damon, who has been a part of Hollywood film industry for over 30 years and recently featured in MCU’s Thor: Love And Thunder this year, says:

So what happened was the DVD was a huge part of our business, of our revenue stream. Technology has just made that obsolete and so the movies that we used to make you could afford to not make all of your money when it played in the theatre because you knew you had the DVD coming behind the release (sic).

-Matt Damon

Watch the video here:

Here’s how netizens are reacting to his thoughts:

Raises an interesting point. We still have VOD services like iTunes, Prime Video and YouTube where you can buy and rent digital movies individually like back in the DVD era, but streaming services are still much preferable for consumers (sic). 


the 90s is “like they used to”??? he’s erasing that you can watch so many more movies now than you could when you were renting one at blockbuster. this doesn’t make sense (sic). 


I never thought about the dvd asepct how much they relied on them to break even. and this is why they’re constantly making some action blockbuster they can turn in to a franchise compared to quirkiy romcoms and that hurts my heart ngl (sic). 


That make sense cause it be like 8 new movies a year now and they all be awful (sic). 


What do you think of his opinion?