You know your age in years, but it never quite matches up to your maturity . The number of years you have lived doesn’t add up to the way you think, feel and act! You don’t really  walk around in salt-and-pepper hair, with a walking stick, but you are beyond fart jokes and bubble wrap. And everyone who knows you keeps telling you how you’re too mature for your age!

You wonder why? Main batata hun .

1. You take your parents’ side when they don’t give permission to your sibling for a night-out.

2. You frown upon the childish pranks your friends play on each other.

3. You say “no” to people when you think it is necessary. And that’s the case most of the times.

4. People come to you for advice, ALL THE TIME.

5. You have heard ” Yaar lecture naa de !” at least a million times!

6. You’re also the ‘priest’ in your friends circle. People confess their sins to you.

7. It is taken for granted that no matter who you are out with, you’re the designated driver/caretaker/nanny.

8. And anyway, you don’t like to drink much. Hangovers are so immature.

9. You have always been the respected peacemaker between two feuding school/college gangs.

10. You are unbelievably patient and tolerant with even the most irritating person you know.

11. You prefer quiet get-togethers over clubbing.

12. You said goodbye to the impulsive shopper in you a long time back.

13. You know you still have a long way to go. And so, you don’t let flattery or criticism get to your head.

14. You keep telling your friends that by sulking over a break-up, they are only wasting their time.

15. You have a tendency to fall for someone 20 years older than you.

And all those who say ‘being mature’ is synonymous to ‘being boring’ can eat shit.