The idea of a really cute neurosurgeon saving lives is the perfect recipe for television. They look adorable AND they save humans. I mean, how can someone not like that? 

Joey was an actor on F.R.I.E.N.D.S but his good looks led him to play the part of a doctor on ‘Days of our Lives’. Dr. Derek Shepherd was the best neurosurgeon in the universe of Grey’s Anatomy, because, duh! 

In a perfect world, they should be chilling together and performing surgeries. What if we tell you, in a parallel universe, that’s really happening!

Joey Tribbiani finally got his big break as the ‘Days of our Lives’ star, Dr. Drake Ramoray.


Well, the show writers killed his character that one time but as it often happens in soap operas, he came back with a new brain!


But honestly, he was just the best fake neurosurgeon ever!


Just one year after Dr. Drake Ramoray left our lives, we found McDreamy in Grey’s Anatomy!


Derek Shepherd started his surgeries with “It’s a beautiful day to save lives!”


And he saved a lot of lives, until…


We’re still NOT over this!

Derek Shepherd and Drake Ramoray would make a crackling team of neurosurgeons, but we never got to see them together on television.


We don’t even see them practice medicine on TV anymore!

But, Claudia Oshry, posted this picture on her Instagram which brought the best of both our worlds together!


Well, they are obviously rushing for a neurosurgery conference!

I can finally go back to living my life peacefully. *Sigh*