The MCU is the biggest cinema franchise in the world right now. So it is natural for fans to wonder if Disney and Marvel have any plans of including LGBTQ, specifically trans characters in their movies. 


Well, President of the Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige says it is likely to happen ‘very soon’. 


According to Wired, Feige answered a fan question about the same at New York Film Academy Q&A on Wednesday a Feige said: 

Yes, absolutely. Yes … And very soon. In a movie that we’re shooting right now. 

Well, ‘very soon’ could mean the Black Widow movie releasing this year but it could also be referring to 2022’s Black Panther sequel. 


But according to Variety, Feige might have been talking about LGBTQ characters on a broader spectrum and not about trans characters specifically. 


So, let’s keep our fingers crossed for now.