My day takes off only after the morning caffeine has kicked in. Without it I am never fully awake. But then this morning something strange happened that made me question the sanctity of my first cup. As I was scrolling on Instagram, I stumbled upon the logo of Amazon Prime Video, and the ‘ME’ was missing!

I obviously thought I had read it wrong. So I immediately went on to check out its official accounts on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook as well. And there it was, the letters ‘ME’ still missing! Honestly, I didn’t remember feeling as puzzled in a really long time.

Amazon Prime Video misspelling its own logo is a huge thing! So I couldn’t help but come up with my own theories of what might actually be up. Maybe it’s just a technical glitch. Well in that case, I really hope our favourite shows and movies are not affected. 

Or maybe, there’s a new series or a movie coming up on the platform that Amazon is playfully teasing us for. Maybe the title has something to do with the letters ‘ME’. Amazon Prime Video has also pleasantly surprised its fans by coming up with innovative campaigns in the past. Maybe this time around too, the platform has come up with another fun gimmick to remind us all that we can always spend a quality ‘ME’ time on Amazon Prime Video. Anything is possible right?

And looks like we’re not the only ones who are confused. The fiasco has left fans across the entire nation scratching their heads and trying to figure out why on earth is ‘ME’ missing from the logo. Check it out here. 

In fact, some famous Indian brands also took to social media to express their astonishment on the unseemly logo. And each of them are coming up with creative ways of asking Amazon Prime Video to come clean on the question haunting all of us. Domino’s claims the ‘ME’ wave has hit their pizza too!

Parle-G put out a cute poem before asking their question.

Even DunzoZostelThe Souled Store and Zomato joined the bandwagon of coercing Amazon Prime Video into giving us the response we all have been eagerly waiting for.  

While we’re all trying to apply pressure on our brains in search of an answer, Amazon Prime Video is surprisingly quiet. And this is making it even harder for all of us. Even though it’s killing us to get to the bottom of the matter, all we can do now is to wait and watch.