Money Heist is now a global phenomenon, which means there’s little chance that you haven’t heard Bella Ciao.

Yeah, the song that Berlin and Professor sing the night before their heist at the Royal Mint of Spain.


Some of us tried to memorise the lyrics, while others kept listening to it on loop.

Literally translated, ‘Bella Ciao’ means ‘goodbye beautiful’.


While it was revealed in the show that Berlin and the Professor were taught the song at a young age by their grandfather, there’s some history associated with the song.


Originally sung by the Italian partisans fighting fascism during World War II, the song became a revolutionary anthem at that time.

The Italian partisans were telling their loved ones goodbye as they went to battle with the Germans. And since then, it has lived on as a symbol of freedom.


Here are the lyrics of the song…

Una mattina mi son alzato 

O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao

Una mattina mi son alzato 

E ho trovato l’invasor 

… which, in English, translates to:

One morning I awakened

Oh Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful, Goodbye beautiful! Bye! Bye! 

One morning I awakened

And I found the invader

You can read the entire lyrics and its translation here.

There’s something infectious about the song that makes us want to play and sing it on loop. Listen below!