It’s no secret that from the moment Taimur Ali Khan was caught by the paparazzi’s camera, he has been a celebrity. From ‘Taimur dolls’ to questions about Taimur’s bathroom breaks on national news, nothing about him was off-limits… even though, it should have been! 

And now, the media has apparently found Taimur’s doppelganger! 

Yes, paparazzi found the photo of a kid who resembled Taimur, and soon enough, media was once again using a young kid for ‘views’. Though this time around, people were certainly not on board with the idea. 

Do we really need to compare kids now? Or judge a kid’s looks by comparing it, even in a positive manner, to another kid’s looks? No wonder celebrities like Blake Lively and Sophie Turner explicitly call out paparazzi for taking pictures of their young children. 

We need to stop this culture of using kids as a commodity! It’s one thing for parents to post pictures of their children, but quite another for media to use them. 

As Pink Floyd said it all those years ago, can we please leave the kids alone?