So while I was bingeing on Amazon Prime Video’s nail-biting crime-thriller Pataal Lok and munching on my popcorns, I came across this gorgeous looking police officer, Ansari who for a split second took my breath away. 

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I’m not even kidding when I say this, I literally choked on my popcorn the first time Inspector Ansari entered the frame and said his first set of dialogues. 

I mean with his Inspector Ansari’s poise, the humble- nice guy persona and those killer looks in a khaki, I couldn’t help but develop a major crush on him.  So naturally, I intensively looked up Ishwak Singh a.k.a Ansari on every social media platform. 

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First steps on stage #worldtheatreday

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I couldn’t help but wonder if I had seen him on-screen before because something about that smile looked very familiar. 

And that’s when I realised that he was Nirmal a.k.a the successful corporate lawyer a.k.a the ‘mother- lover’ that Sonam Kapoor briefly dates in Veere Di Wedding!

Infact I was shocked to discover that Ishwak Singh is essentially an architect who later pursued his passion for acting full-time.

He’s a theatre artist who has been a part of various well-renowned plays like Court Martial with the Asmita Theatre Group and has performed Chukayenge? Nahi at the Shri Raam Centre. 


In fact, VDW wasn’t the only time Ishwak worked with Sonam. He played the role of a member of the theatre group that Sonam’s character in Raanjhana joins. 

And we’re so sure you would have missed his briefly appearance in Imitiaz Ali’s Tamasha as Tara a.k.a Deepika Padukone’s longterm boyfriend. 

And turns out, Ishwak isn’t ashamed of admitting that he’s a ‘mother-lover’ IRL. 

Ishwak has also revealed that he’s a hardcore foodie but can’t really cook to save his life. Just like most of the millennials during the lockdown.  

I mean in his defense who needs to make a snack when you’re already such a sizzling snac. 

And is it just me or something about him really gives me major Fawad Khan vibes from Zindagi Gulzaar Hai

Well, all I can say is after his gripping character in Paatal Lok, we can’t wait to see more of this handsome hunk on screen.