It is no secret that Bollywood tracks bring out the best of one’s dancing skills no matter what part of the world one is from. The impact of Bollywood music has risen so much globally that now it’s being used for dance challenges on various social media platforms. 

A dad from Washington, USA  by the name of Ricky Pond couldn’t resist this temptation either. He has been making dance videos on some very popular Hindi, Punjabi, Somalian and even Nepali songs (sometimes with his kids) and the result is not only super cute but will make you want to dance as well. 

Even he couldn’t resist the magic of SRK and Sush from Main Hoon Na and covered an all-time favourite Gori Gori with his son.   

Ricky and his son totally revived Banthan Ke by Sukhwinder with their energetic moves and now we can’t stop listening to this song on loop. 

Here we are still trying to learn some basic bhangra moves while this American dad is totally nailing it. 

Punjabi film industry, we’ve found you your newest bhangra dancer. 

Watch out Diljit, you’ve got some competition. 

We couldn’t get over one of him and now we get to see five of busting some desi moves. What a treat. 

Move over Varun Dhawan, a new hero with some slick moves is here in town. 

If you thought this SRK song couldn’t get any better, well Ricky just proved you wrong with is adorable cover. 

We’ve got to thank Ricky for totally making us love Nepali music and the seriously cute dance steps. 

Who knew Somalian music could be so much fun? Well, Ricky sure made it seem like that. 

Well, he has surely brought ‘dad moves’ to a whole new level.