The DC cinematic universe has taken the initial steps into building a world where different superheroes and villains exist together. The first two movies – Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have polarised the fans and critics alike. With Suicide Squad right around the corner, we can only hope that it’ll be the turning point for the DCCU.

The trailers have done a decent job at keeping the plot under wraps. We’ve decided to introduce the team before you watch the movie to keep you in the loop about these characters.

Please note that we are not including Joker in the list. Even though he is a part of the movie, he isn’t a part of the Suicide Squad ie the team. 


Meet the Suicide Squad:

1. Amanda Waller

There are extremely well written female characters, there are strong female characters and then there is Amanda Waller – the perfect blend of both. If we were to describe Amanda in two words, it’ll be – Bad Motherfucker.

In a world where villains are constantly locking horns with superheroes, this human makes these meta humans her bitch. She doesn’t just ask for authority but she commands it. In the source material, she has been seen to intimidate even Batman into submission. To form the Suicide Squad was her idea and she looks all set to own the big screen.


2. Rick Flag

Rick is a human who can give the other meta-humans a run for their money. He is the leader of the Suicide Squad’s ground missions. 

Rick Flag Jr. is in peak mental and physical conditions. He is trained in military warfare, special forces and guerrilla tactics. He works for Amanda and leads every suicide mission Waller sends him on. He’s the level headed soldier who keeps the team together even when it is a team of dangerous criminals. 


3. Deadshot

Deadshot is one of the most lethal villains Batman has ever faced. He tends to ricochet the bullets off of different surfaces to kill multiple target with a single shot.

Like his name suggests, if he shoots with an intention of killing someone – he succeeds. It doesn’t matter how impossible the shot is, he’ll make sure that it counts. He is an extremely useful part of the Suicide Squad as he’s the sanest of the lot.


4. Harley Quinn

Also known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, Harley is the most flamboyant member of the squad. She is neuro-divergent and uses her ‘craziness’ to outsmart her opponents. 

She is a former Arkham Asylum psychiatrist, who falls desperately in love with The Joker while treating him. She is driven to psychosis and super-villainy by Batman’s relentless pursuit of the man she loves, and becomes side-kick and lover to The Joker for a time – calling herself Harley Quinn. She goes on a murderous rampage after a disagreement with the Joker and that leads to her arrest and subsequent induction in the Suicide Squad.


5. Enchantress

Enchantress is an ancient, evil force – one which fuses with the young June Moone when she stumbles upon a secret lair. June is possessed and Enchantress uses this opportunity to start her own ‘rule’ over the Earth.

While a lot of guys are excited about watching Harley Quinn on the big screen, we believe that the Enchantress might just turn out to be the best thing about this movie. She has unlimited magical powers and can engage in energy projection and manipulation. She can teleport, heal, fly, open portals and – crucially – summon demons at will.

6. Captain Boomerang

Just like his name, he uses weaponised boomerangs to wreak havoc on his enemies. He has no ‘special’ powers but he can eclipse other metahumans with his special brand of crazy antics.

He is widely loathed for his racism, viciousness and inherent cowardice. His anger against the current state of affairs stems from the fact that metahumans have come to the forefront in the society now. His brand of ‘slight-above-average’ criminality has become a thing of the past and he wants to get that status back by being a valuable member of the Suicide Squad.


7. Killer Croc

Killer Croc is one of the most feared opponents of Batman and his presence in the Suicide Squad alone makes the opposition scared. 

Also known as Waylon Jones, he was born with a rare genetic condition that gives him the appearance and behavioural tendencies of a crocodile. His resentment for ‘normal’ guys stems from the abuse he had to face during his childhood.


8. El Diablo

El Diablo, aka Chato Santana, is a pyrokinetic. He can manipulate fire and is all set to light up the big screen.

From whatever little we’ve seen of him in the trailers, he seems to be the wild card in the movie. Haunted by the actions of his past, in which he was less able to control his fiery powers and caused great harm to those around him, El Diablo is a little reluctant about using his powers completely.


9. Katana

Katana, aka Tatsu Yamashiro, is a part of the Suicide Squad because she is Rick Flag’s bodyguard. As her name suggests, she uses the Soultaker Katana to slice up her opponents.

She began to use the Soultaker blade after the murder of her husband – killed by his own brother in a dispute about the ownership of Tatsu. The blade absorbs the souls of those who fall victim to the blade. She doesn’t have a criminal background but she’s extremely skilled at martial arts.


10. Slipknot

Also known as Christopher Weiss, he mainly relies on using ropes and grapples to bring his opponents down. He has no superpowers but has mostly used his rope skills to give the superheroes a torrid time.

He invented a special coating for rope – thanks to his position working for a chemical company – which makes the fibres of the cords almost indestructible. With the rope as his weapon of choice, Slipknot makes use of the fact that not a lot of people take him seriously.

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