One of the best things about The Family Man is well, the family’s kids. Especially the chemistry that they’ve depicted between Manoj Bajpai and his son Atharv AKA Vedant Sinha. I mean c’mon, y’all remember the bansuri scene right? 


Of course, Vedant is a valuable part of that chemistry, his character adds ample humour to every situation. Which is why he’s become everyone’s favourite so soon too! The audiences have quite literally fallen in love with Vedant and his character Atharv, so much so, that the janta has created infinite memes about him. 

So, why don’t we take a look at who Vedant Sinha is? Because apparently, he’s the coolest little actor on the block. 

Well for starters, Vedant Sinha is twelve years old, and a trained dancer who has won multiple competitions. In fact, he won the third position in No 1 Dramebaaz Season 2, and has participated in shows such as Online India Dance Competition, DID Little Champs, Dancing War etc. 

And of course, since he is a professional dancer, it isn’t surprising to know that he has trained from The DanceWorX. Also, this adorable powerhouse of talent is trained in dance forms such as jazz, ballet, hip-hop, funk, and modern contemporary. No wonder Manoj Bajpai says that Vedant is ‘flamboyant,’ and likes to flaunt his skills as soon as he learns them. You’ve got to be a bank of skills to constantly be flaunting them right?

Prior to being a part of The Family Man, he acted in Rajma Chawal by Leena Yadav, The White Tiger and also in a short film by the name of Shahadat!  

Clearly, Vedant has proved himself to be a fine actor and is multi-talented. He’s achieved so much in such little time.

So much talent, at such a young age!