Can't stop laughing at Akanksha's bhojpuri jokes and accent?

Amused by Arushi's puns and fun play of words?

Love watching Kaustabh and Kanishk's never-ending bromance on screen? 

Always wanted to ask our very own Rohit Bhattacharya from where he gets his 'stuff'?

Want to ask our cute Pavitra Paruthi out on a date?

Still can't believe how Josh got all the Marvel Avenger's quiz answers right?

Wondering if Antil finally has cable in his house? 

Then, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to meet and ask your favourite OK Tested Anchors these weird/random questions at the first ever OK Tested Fan Meet, this Sunday. Woohoo!

No, this is not a joke guys. The fan meet will be held at Unplugged Courtyard in Gurgaon on 23rd February from 1 PM to 4 PM so don't forget to get your friends along with you. Okay?

Getting a chance to chit-chat with the anchors and clicking awesome selfies with them is just one part of the epic gathering but, our anchors also have a special day full of fun and games lined up for all of you.

Wondering, what's in store for you? From Bhukkhad events (who eats the fastest) to Science vs Arts vs Commerce quizzes, you'll get a chance to team up with your favourite anchors and perform with them. Excited?

You've seen them eat huge food platters and you've seen them participating in all sorts of quizzes but, here's your chance to finally put yourself to test in front of the camera. 

You'll also be served chilled Dabur Real Fruit juices with delicious pizzas from Pizza Hut at the meet. So, are you ready to join the party?

All you have to do is register yourself. And, we will keep you posted with more updates.