The characters they portray makes us fall in love with them and we wait anxiously, biting our fingers and tapping our toes, dying to know and hoping for their survival in the next season. Ah! The bane of DTH. Weren’t we happier when we just had Ashton Kutcher in That 70s Show ? Obviously not. These dreamy men from TV series, will drop jaws and make heads spin, and not just for their good looks but also for their impeccable acting.

Get ready for a drool fest.

1. Kit Harington

Jon Snow needs no introduction. But we desperately hope to see him come back to life. *fingers crossed*

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2. Benedict Cumberbatch

The smartest fictional detective known to humans and probably the most handsomest one at it.

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3. Neil Patrick Harris

The king of pick up lines, we present you… Barney Stinson!!!!! This guy needs no introduction because everybody knows he’s pretty darn awesome!

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4. Matt Bomer

Neal Caffrey is the king of disguise and sweet talk,flooring women wherever he goes. Now that’s a talent.

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5. Charles Michael Davis

Marcel Gerard, the ‘Prince of the City’, is the only vampire whose good looks are a weapon, unknown to many.

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6. Hugh Laurie

He loves putting down people with the harsh truth and he wouldn’t care if you cry your lungs out because of it. Dr Gregory House will fix you with his wit.

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7. Ian Somerhalder

The vicious, cruel brother who has a trick up his sleeve always. Damon Salvatore makes for the best looking vampire ever. No, it was never Robert Pattinson.

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8. Jon Hamm

The maddest of all men in ‘Mad Men’, Don Draper is one hell of a pitch man considering that we fall for him every time he comes on the screen.

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9. Matt LeBlanc

We all know Joey now, don’t we? He does not share food because he thinks it’s a ‘Moo’ point.

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10. Omar Epps

Dr Eric Foreman, the extremely honest and a gorgeous man on Gregory Houses’ core team. Les-bi-onest, we love that piercing.

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11. Matt Smith

The eleventh doctor in the series ‘Doctor Who’, he requires no introduction for the smart ones.

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12. Jensen Ackles

The big brother from ‘Supernatural’, Dean Winchester is the guy who will spook the wits out of you and then cuddle you to sleep.

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13. Jacob Anderson

Grey Worm speaks little, but his poise and the way he looks in the soldier garb is ‘oh so delightful’.

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14. Rupert Friend

He is the man for every covert operation. Peter Quinn is all about stealth, camouflage and guns! *wink*

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15. Eric Dane

A playboy, a womaniser but the best plastic surgeon in the series, Grey’s Anatomy .

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16. Ed Westwick

The spoilt brat from the TV series The Gossip Girl, Chuck Bass is every woman’s wet dream.

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17. Patrick Dempsey

Mr ‘McDreamy’ plays Dr Derek Shepherd – the man Meredith Grey could not make up her mind about. Seriously, Grey?

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18. Jake M. Johnson

You’ll drink anything that this cute bartender from New Girl serves you with.

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19. Gabriel Macht

An actor, producer and director, he plays the smooth attorney Harvey Specter in the TV series Suits .

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20. Michiel Huisman

A handsome mercenary, who gives up everything and joins hand with the Mother of Dragons.

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21. Steve Kazee

A beautiful singer, a great actor and he looks ridiculously good with a beard. Gus Pfender (The p is silent) in the British series Shameless . Watch it if you haven’t already.

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22. Peter Dinklage

Tyrion Lannister, a drunkard and a womaniser, but the only true man who stood up to lead when faced with battle. You are one deviously handsome man!

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23. Jon Huertas

The always positive Esposito, fighting crimes and criminals alongside Castle and Beckett. This detective is probably the second best reason why we got hooked to the show.

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24. Ben Whishaw

Playing Freddie Lyon, an unhappy reporter in The Hour . Can’t recognise him? Remember the olfactory genius in the movie, Perfume: The story of a murderer ? Yup, that’s him.

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25. Charlie Weber

Charlie Weber aka Frank Delfino from How To Get Away With Murder is one hell of an actor and a former model. Did I tell you he plays a naughty professor?

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26. Austin Nichols

The guy who knew exactly what a girl wanted to hear. Julian Baker from One Tree Hill has made us cry umpteen times. And were we happy to see him in Agents Of Shield ? Hell yeah!

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27. Kunal Nayyar

The shy guy who gets tongue tied in front of girls, Koothrapalli now has a hot girlfriend. Ah! lucky fictional ‘her’.

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28. Columbus Short

Armed with a contagious smile, Harrison Wright from Scandal is the attorney we would turn to if caught in trouble.

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29. David Tennant

The prodigal son from the near God-like species – Time Lords from the planet of Gallifrey is a beauty to reckon.

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30. Lamorne Morris

The guy who can tickle your bones, he plays Winston Bishop in the comedy series New Girl .

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If you have missed out on any of these handsome men, you’re probably not watching the right shows.