Ace director Christopher Nolan’s recent-release, Dunkirk, is winning hearts across the world with fans and critics alike calling it the newest masterpiece from the director. 

However, while the war drama has been unanimously praised by almost everyone who’s seen it, turns out, there’s one infamous personality who didn’t quite enjoy it. 

Porn Star Mia Khalifa had a different take on the movie and she shared it via a YouTube video on her channel, ranting about the movie for six whole minutes!

Christopher Nolan is one of my favourite directors of all time,” she says but she had no idea “if this ended World War II, or if this was just some random event“.

You can watch the rant here: 

And as expected, fans of Nolan didn’t take the review kindly and her video was flooded with comments. 

Some tried explaining the different time frames in the film.

 And some majorly bashed Mia for her lack of ability to understand the movie.

And when Mia went on to tweet about the movie, hell hath no fury like a Nolan fan scorned! 

FYI, the movie has opened to over $100 million in its first weekend itself. But then, Mia Khalifa thinks otherwise!