Actor Sonu Sood is working 22 hours a day and even admitted to getting very little sleep as he’s doing everything he can to get migrant workers back home. 

He’s helped 12,000 stranded migrant workers get back home by bus, gave up his hotel to house healthcare workers and is providing meals and water for over 45,000 people in need, every single day. 

The actor’s good deeds have become the talk of the nation. In a recent interview, the actor revealed that he had helped a few pregnant ladies return home, and one of them chose to name her son after him. 

One of the groups that I sent to Darbhanga on May 12 had two pregnant ladies in it. The group has reached home and this lady had her baby yesterday; The family called me to say that she has named her son Sonu Sood.

-Sonu Sood to Bombay Times


And no, the woman didn’t just name her son Sonu, she kept the full name as a tribute to the actor for all he has done. 

I said, how can it be Sonu Sood as you are Shrivastav. It could probably be Sonu Shrivastav, but she said, ‘Nahi humney bachche ka naam Sonu Sood Shrivastav rakha hai.’ That was so sweet; I was touched. 

-Sonu Sood to Bombay Times

Pigeon Times

The actor wants to help every single migrant worker reunite with their family and has taken it upon himself to help whoever asks for it on his Twitter account. His kindness is truly inspiring!