A sigh of relief for all Mika Singh’s fans as the singer who was arrested by Delhi Police for allegedly slapping a doctor at a concert in south west Delhi in April last year has finally got bail. 

“Truth always triumphs. I knew I was innocent and I would get bail. Stars however seem easy targets but not always we are wrong. I am glad that people finally know the truth behind the matter,” Singh told ScoopWhoop

He also tweeted:

As soon as the news of Mika Singh’s bail poured in, his fans started celebrating. A huge crowd including curious onlookers and admirers gathered to meet the star in his house in West Delhi. Singh met each of his fans dressed in casuals with his sun glasses on and thanked them for their support and prayers.

“I thank my fans who stood by me and laid their trust in me. It’s because of their support and prays I am here standing amongst them with my head up with pride”. 

Just to refresh your memory, Mika had slapped a doctor – an ophthalmologist –at an event in Delhi after the latter, in an inebriated state, tried to interrupt his performance on stage.  See the infamous video below.

The doctor had later filed an FIR against Mika Singh, which led to his arrest. He was arrested in June and was granted bail hours after the arrest.

Now, the court has given its final verdict and fined him Rs 40,000.