Video calls, lots of food and lazing around – this is what lockdown birthdays are supposed to be all about. At least this is what I think.

But Milind Soman’s mom, Usha Soman doesn’t think that way. She recently celebrated her 81st birthday in lockdown and guess what, there were lots of push-ups and a super healthy cake.

Milind Soman shared a video of her doing 15 push-ups on her birthday.

According to Ankita Konwar, her mother-in-law, Usha Soman was supposed to be bungee jumping in Zambia, this year for her 81st birthday.

The video is inspiring people on social media.

This is not the first time the badass lady inspired us with her fitness. Earlier too, she was seen running, skipping and doing push-ups, all in saree.

And here I am waking up in afternoon on my birthday.