Kriti Sanon starrer Mimi was as filmy as films in Bollywood get. The movie had item songs, sad monologues and a lot of masala. However, it was a mainstream Bollywood film without a male lead, which may not seem like a lot but is actually quite a big deal. 

After constantly seeing the Khans and Kapoors of Bollywood eat up the screen space, it felt good to watch a Kriti Sanon take the lead, and not as a woman mislead in love for a change. She is strong, independent and it is her story, which she does not share with any man in the film. 

While we did have Pankaj Tripathi play a significant role in the film, he was in fact, the second lead. And thankfully, nobody tried to make these two actors fall in love – something that would have only further diluted the message the film was trying to get across. 

He stands on the sidelines as Kriti as Mimi drives the film, and she does a great job. While the script might have failed her in many places, it is not testament to her acting skills. 

With catchy songs, good laughs and the drama that Bollywood movie-goers love, Mimi gave us a good Bollywood movie which was true to its essence, without an overtly masculine hero with an actress by his side as a prop. For that, this movie definitely deserves credit. It is high time we saw more of these in Bollywood, especially in 2021. 

All images are screenshots from the film on Netflix.