Always up for some good old optical illusions, aren’t you guys? Is it backward or forward, is it upside or down, is it real or Photoshopped and so on and so forth. We can go on and on with irrelevant points, but we’d rather you proceed to the 50 images we have unearthed from the not-so-deep corners of the interwebs.

This should keep you busy for a while. 

1. Damn you, unreasonable Earth!

2. I will jump from anywhere for you!

3. Is it the beginning of the apocalypse?

4. Maybe that’s how God made ditches

5. Batman, weren’t you like supposed to save the Earth?

6. What is even happening here?!

7. Heaven below my feet!

8. Earthception! Patch of grass made to look like the globe

9. David and Goliath

10. No, thanks. I will just hang by myself here

11. As simple as that

12. You know what they say about a glass house? Never walk around in it

13. What sorcery is this?

14. Hello, there is something in my coffee

15. Even the TMNT need saving

16. Is that a flying boat?

17. Wow, that’s a deep paper!

18. When horse and human collide

19. Now they are just showing off!

20. How is your day going?

21. When deer meets tree, the most magnificent antlers happen

22. Close friends

23. Are these dices standing or laying flat?!

24. Journey to the centre of the Earth

25. Scroll down for the trippy waves

26. A glass half full

27. We found Aladdin’s Kalin!

28. So long then, world!

29. Is it the moon or the lamp?

30. The sand stretch a long way from the shore, creating an underwater falls illusion

31. Bridging the gap

32. This is not a painting and in the backdrop is one of the largest sand dunes

33. Is that a canyon or a river?

34. Aerial shot of a river snaking through the desert

35. Is it lava or simple sunshine reflecting from the water?

36. Is that a body-less girl?

37. Zebra illusion. Zebrusion. 

38. Salt flats in Bolivia, with no depth in it, create a mirror effect after rain

39. Think within the box

40. Thus, the town was swept away

41. Is that the sun or the ball?

42. Is that a door or a mirror?

43. Unlike what it might seem, that is not the end of the road

44. That’s not his lustrous beard

45. Sun kicking

46. The black ones are shadows, the real camels are the white parts

47. It is not what it looks like

48. Humanception?

49. Cheaper than air tickets

50. Who run the world?!

That’s all folks!