Behind the seemingly entertaining plot of Never Have I Ever lies a depiction that relies heavily on cultural stereotypes. Like a brown, uncool, and nerdy girl embarrassed about her culture, an entitled mother, conservative granny, arranged marriage, highly intrusive aunties particular about their traditions, and so much more. As it turns out, the show’s creator Mindy Kaling has a trajectory of being tone-deaf and casually bigoted.

A Twitter thread shared by @sitcomabed details Kaling’s bigoted stance and underlines the problematic elements in her shows.

The thread also incorporated a 2009 tweet from the actress reeking of casteism and purity culture.

Mindy Kaling bigoted tweet on Twitter

The thread also details a segment from Kaling’s show that was blatantly anti-semitic. It was during a holocaust trivia scene where frustrated Devi minces, “I wish Nazis would kill you (for Ben who is a Jewish character).”

Mindy Kaling Never Have I Ever anti-semitic show

Even her previous show, The Mindy Project, was wildly critiqued cos it lacked inclusivity and diversity. The show had Kaling only ever dating White dudes. Critics say the female characters did not have much depth, and the show lacked any genuine woman-to-woman relationships. Besides, Kaling has also been accused of being ignorant about her racial roots.

Reading the thread, here’s how angry Twitter users reacted.

Read the complete thread here.