Needless to say, this has spoilers. So if you haven’t watched it yet, run along!

Mirzapur is a binge-worthy show. So its safe to assume that most of you also finished season 2 in one go. So, to make sure you didn’t miss anything, we compiled the best moments from this season. 

1. Amidst the chaos, Dimpy and Golu find a little time to themselves, where the former comes to the realisation that none of them had even cried till that time. 

This very small scene puts forward the emotional trauma that they had gone through during season 1’s finale and somehow predicts the tone of the rest of the season. 

2. Golu kills for the first time. 

In season 1’s finale, Golu had the chance to kill Munna and save them all but her failure to shoot him brings upon great pain. Here, when the cop is about to kill Guddu, something just snaps within her and she stabs him with a broken glass till he dies and then some more. 

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3. Guddu teaches Golu how to shoot. 

Golu killing the cop in the first episode was a step towards a darker path. But here, for the first time, we see her learning how to shoot. While, this scene may not seem as significant, the image of her just angrily unloading onto a tree completed her journey to the dark side. 

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4. Maurya calls out the Tripathis for being casteist.

The protagonists and the antagonists of the show, all of them belong to the ‘upper castes’. Which isn’t surprising, but Maurya calling out Kaleen Bhaiya and his family for serving him on different plates while the rest of them ate from different plates was something we didn’t see coming. 

5. When Kaleen Bhaiya goes to the doctor to get checked for erectile dysfunction but names Maqbool as the patient. 

We all knew from season 1 that Kaleen Bhaiya was not exactly very good in bed. Now obviously that doesn’t serve well for the ego of man of his stature But it was just hilarious to watch him put him on the behemoth of his bodyguard. 

6. Both Guddu and Golu had lost their sibling and the love of their lives. So this moment was pretty heavy on the emotions.   

Golu had successfully managed to save Guddu. This for, for the first time since that night that they would probably have a good night’s sleep. Their plan was in motion and they were safe for the first time in a long time. The duo took a moment and let it all out in this very emotional scene. 

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7.The brief moments when Guddu finally got his hands on Munna and Sharad, where we just had a glimmer of hope that he was going to kill of them. 

We all knew that they were going to get away but it was so cool for those few minutes where he just took on the both of them with one bad leg and still almost killed them. 

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8. When Kaleen Bhaiya’s father lays down the truth about the caste system and how they can benefit from it. 

When Munna gets scolded by his dad for having physical relations with the CM’s daughter, his grandfather suggests getting them married to consolidate their power in the state. When this proposal is objected by Kaleen Bhaiya due to the couple being from different caste, he drops this little nugget. 

9. Guddu and Golu blow up the Tripathi’s gun factory.

This was just a very cool scene. That’s it. This was their first direct attack on the Tripathis and the first step towards taking over the city. 

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10. Bhosdiwale chacha gets in on the action and agrees to testify against Munna. 

When Guddu’s dad stumbles on Chacha’s doorstep after being sent back by literally everyone, the latter tells him that he would testify in court because Munna had insulted him. 

11. The ‘your mom and your dad’ banter between Munna and Badey Tyagi was just epic. 

It was a bit unnecessary and absolute vile but it would be lying to say it wasn’t funny. 

12. Munna’s wife Madhuri tells him that she would forgive him for having an extra marital affair as long as he doesn’t fall in love with anyone else. 

In hindsight, neither is cool but this is Mirzapur and this is the best we could hope for. 

13. Bhosdiwale papa just dishes it out to Munna, and calls his entire family names. 

While his death was tragic, this was still a very funny scene and worth every meme that has/will come out of it. 

14. Madhuri Yadav names herself the CM candidate to replace her late father. 

While Kaleen Bhaiya sat that meeting expecting Madhuri to nominate him as the CM candidate, she changes the game by naming herself. The look on Tripathi’s face as it happened was just worth it. 

15. Babuji’s death was the most satisfying death all season, arguably only topped by Munna’s. 

Beena first stopped Maqbool from killing the old rapist so that she could shoot him herself. She is then stopped by the maid, who instead offers her a cleaver because it would be slower. 

16. Munna stands up to his father when he insults his wife. 

The season tried to somewhat humanise Munna through his relationship with Madhuri. So this moment was pivotal in the development of his character. 

17. Guddu and Golu finally kill Munna the same way he killed Sweety and Bablu. 

This was quite literally the most cathartic scene in the show yet and honestly, probably evoked emotions similar to that of the deaths of Ramsay Bolton and King Joffrey. 

This was really satisfying, wasn’t it?