*Spoilers for Mirazapur ahead.

The second season of the Purvanchal based crime-drama Mirzapur is finally set for release on the 23rd of October 2020, and as anticipation grows and excitement gnaws at fans of the show, there are also a few theories floating around about what might happen. There’s even a teaser out for the second installment.

The first season ended with a massacre of epic proportions – Sweety and Bablu were killed off, Beena seeks revenge after being forced to have sex with Satyanand, and Munna is on a rampage. Here’s a few theories regarding what might go down next.

1. Guddu will join Lala’s gang to take revenge on the Tripathis.

Munna took pretty much everything from Guddu – his brother, his wife, his entire life structure. Similarly, he also attacked Lala at the wedding, who supplied opium and has his own gang. So it’s possible that Guddu and Lala will join forces to exact revenge.


2. Sharad (Rati Shankar’s son) will be a major antagonist.

At the end of season 1, he’s seen shaving his head and remembering his father, who was killed by Guddu. He’ll be seeking revenge, and might turn out to be a major force to be reckoned with, adding yet another person to the list of Guddu’s enemies.

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3. Golu will also become a major player in her search for revenge.

Golu lost her lover as well as her sister. Considering she won the elections and also started learning how to use a gun, her character arc could follow one of a revenge story where she forms alliances in order to take her enemies down.

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4. The Tripathi family will fall as they’ve made too many enemies.

Beena, traumatised after being forced to cut off a penis and also being blackmailed into having sex, might kill Satyanand Tripathi. Guddu and Golu might likely kill Munna. Kaleen Bhai also killed off policemen, and killed Gupta’s daughter as well, so he might no longer have any police support. Finally, Lala will also seek revenge, and could break down the carpet business of the Tripathis. All these factors combine to make it quite a bloody mess for Kaleen and family.


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