The 80th Golden Globes award ceremony officially took place at The Beverly Hilton this year. We couldn’t help but be proud as RRR’s Natu Natu badged victory for Indian cinema.

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One more proud moment that caught everyone’s attention was this standing ovation for MJ Rodriguez, who scripted history by becoming the first transgender actress to win a Golden Globe last year. MJ received the Best Television Actress award for her performance in the Netflix show Pose. 

Because of the pandemic last year, the ceremony was conducted online. But Ryan Murphy didn’t miss a chance this year to congratulate MJ for her victory. He announced her victory on the stage and asked everyone to give her the standing ovation she deserved! Have a look:

Rodriguez beat out Jennifer Aniston, Uzo Aduba, Elizabeth Moss, and Christine Baranski to win best actress in the drama category.

Talking about her thrilling experience to win the award MJ Rodriguez took to Instagram to express her gratitude. Here’s what she wrote:

OMG! Wow! You talking about sickening birthday present! Thank you! This is the door that is going to Open the door for many more young talented individuals. They will see that it is more than possible. They will see that a young Black Latina girl from Newark New Jersey who had a dream, to change the minds others would with love. Love wins. To my young LGBTQAI babies, we are here. The door is now open now reach the stars.” She signed off the post thanking fellow nominees, To the nominees we are Queens. I’m so happy to share space with you! Each and every last one of you women are phenomenal.

So proud!

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