Modern Family started 8 years ago and at that time, it was certainly the best sitcom we had. 

The humour derived out of everyday situations coupled with the interviews that each character gave in between the scenes gave the show an edge over its contemporaries. The jokes were funny and while the situations that the family found itself in were not exactly hilarious, the way they dealt with it always left a smile on our face. And when it came to emotions, the show also knew how to make us cry. 

While the show stuck to it strengths for a lot of years, they seem to have lost the plot now.

The last three seasons of the show have been a downward spiral with every episode making us wonder, ‘What happened to the show that we once loved?’.


Over the last 3-4 seasons, the show is starting to get lost in the stardom that comes with its top billed cast. 

The kids on the show have grown up but it looks like the writers still don’t want to accept that (What else would explain Haley and Alex still living at home?).

The episode where Phil’s mother passes away and Alex reads out the note during her service still manages to get out moist-eyed. The show knew how to get bittersweet moments right but sadly, that charm has gone missing.


Phil-Luke was the best duo on the show but as Luke grew up, the show writers didn’t know what to do with him. From being a street smart kid, which they established in one of the earlier episodes, they turned him into a male-Haley

And the worst outcome of that was the reduction of Phil’s screen time.

Claire was never funny but her repartee with Phil gave her character some much-needed boost. However, over the last few seasons, Claire has become the most annoying character of the show. In most of her scenes, actress Julie Bowen portrays her as a character who is constantly hyperventilating and if that was not enough, her screen time has massively increased over the past couple of seasons.

Alex was the nerd who is trying too hard to make her family believe that she was much more than that. Sadly, 8 seasons later, Alex is still doing the same!


Sofía Vergara’s Gloria was the funniest character thanks to her mispronunciations. But then, Sofía’s stardom got in the way and the show suddenly started exploring layers to he character that did not even exist.

Joe is to the show what Lily was 4 years ago but sadly, neither does the boy appear for much time on the screen nor does he get the great lines that Lily once got.

Lily was hilarious with her witty one-liners but it feels like the writers just don’t care about her anymore.


Mitchell and Cameron always added the adorable factor to the show. The episode where they propose to each other was definitely one of the best episodes the series ever produced. It makes us wonder what happened to the show that knew how to balance comedy with emotions.

Modern Family has been on for 8 years and like many of its predecessors, it’s witnessing a decline. A show that once made us laugh has turned into a show we just watch to remember the good old days. 

With 22 Emmys to its name, Modern Family has won all the recognition but if they don’t stop now, we’re afraid the bad seasons of the show will always forever haunt us.