Who is a troll? 

And where are these trolls? EVERYWHERE on social media.

Facebook and Twitter are the home ground for these trolls and their sole purpose is to argue against any possible statement, often resorting to abusive language and threats. Celebrities are the most obvious targets but they don’t spare anyone who doesn’t say the same thing that they believe in. Agreeing to disagree, does not exist in their thought process.

And they don’t just exist on social media. Such people are present all around us. They are the ones ready to lynch people, shout slogans and basically, get vengeful against anyone and everyone. 

They do this because they think it’s their moral duty and it stems from their sense of self-entitlement. Sadly, logic is far removed from both their thoughts and actions! 

And if you’d like to see a representation of such people on the big screen, you can watch Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Narayan in Kabir Khan’s recently-released Tubelight


In the first glance, he looks like a guy who is a hardcore ‘nationalist’. He mocks those who aren’t like him and he has been doing so since he was a child. In fact, his childish bullying is what leads to Laxman being nicknamed Tubelight in the film

Even as an adult, when he should know better, he continues to be the same bully.

His hatred towards Matin & Zhu Zhu’s characters stems out of the fact that they don’t look like him & in his head, they are Chinese.


Even when he’s given a logical argument, he refuses to listen. He marches by the beat of his own drums, no matter what anyone else says. 

What he lacks in logical argument, he makes up in volume. 

He is certainly the loudest when it comes to inciting a mob. And he won’t stop at hate speech; he will take it a step forward by doing something irrational.

Narayan (Zeeshan Ayyub) tries to burn down Guo’s (Matin Rey Tangu) house but the plan misfires. Though it’s covered up by making fun of his knocked-knees, it doesn’t deter his spirit.

After the war is over and the soldiers are supposed to come back, there is a certain unrest in the village. It comes as rude shock when they are told that some soldiers are still on the battlefield. At this time, he is the loudest, seeking answers from the Army personnel, even though he has no relative in the forces. 

Of course, he cares about his friends but what he does next cannot justify his ‘love’. 

He goes ahead and beats up Guo’s grandfather with his gang & the elderly man is shown in a rough state after.


One might think Narayan’s character was not given many layers and was pretty one dimensional but was that, in some way, intentional? 

A troll’s personality for the world just exists in disagreeing and making a ruckus about everything. And that is exactly what we were shown with Narayan

Was his character’s name also a dig at the current political scenario?

The only time we see Narayan being doubtful about his statements is when he tries yakeen ki taakat by trying to move a bottle. Of course, he fails but he’s embarrassed by a few kids who witness his trial. He gives up immediately and hops back on his wagon of being the voice that is the loudest, with no reason whatsoever.

Source: YouTube

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub did a wonderful job as Narayan in the film. His irrational actions supported by his thought process that justifies the said actions made for a character that was quite necessary for a film that was set during a war.

Such people are everywhere. On social media, on news channels and in real life as mob moderators. 

Tubelight might not be an entertainer but by including this character, the makers made an observation about the current society we exist in.