Guys, Mojo Jojo had a girlfriend (yeah even Mojo Jojo had a girlfriend). We had totally forgotten about her, right?

Well, one nice person reminded people of it and I got full geeky, and went into the depths of the internet to find out more about her.

Safe to say, my research had me surprised.

Michelle AKA Moko Jono, appears in an episode called Meet the Beat-Alls and her character is supposed to be inspired by Yoko Ono – John Lennon’s partner. 

Boards Fireden

Now, Yoko Ono is widely regarded to be the reason why The Beatles split up – which is exactly what Moko does in the show, when she splits the group consisting of Mojo Jojo, Him, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and Princess Morbucks. The group was called ‘Beat Alls’ (hence the name of the episode).

The references don’t end there. Moko is supposed to belong to a woman named Judy (Hey Jude, yeah?), who is a zookeeper. 

And this is what Moko looks like when she is not up to mischief.

Raych Jackson

There is a theory which says she wasn’t actually in love with Mojo and got involved with him only to destroy his powers because she thought he was giving a bad name to monkeys world-over.

Well, this has been a ride. Never thought I would be thinking so much about Mojo Jojo’s girlfriend.