We all know how special our moms are & how much we love them. But  we miss out on a lot of things they do for us, but never expect anything in return because it comes so naturally to them. Here are just a few.

1. While we’re sleeping soundly in our beds at 6 in the morning, she’s up and about, getting milk from the milk-man, supervising the maid and getting break-fast ready.

2. It’s thanks to the magic in her hands which transforms a cluttered closet into an impeccably organised one.

3. Frankly speaking, we can all do our laundry ourselves. But we don’t. Our Moms make sure that we have always have something clean to wear.

4. Our Moms are our very own Master-Chefs.  Morning , noon and night and a hundred times in between, she makes sure that we’re well fed and content.

5. She’s the reason why the fridge is always stocked. For some reason, she knows just how much groceries to shop for and to make them last so that not a single thing goes to waste.

6. Magical elves don’t change our bed-sheets and keep our rooms clean. Our Mums do.

7. If it weren’t for her, we would never be able to find our wallets, keys or handkerchiefs. Amazingly, she always knows where they are.

8. And there’s one thing that she does everyday but never bothers to tell us. Every single day, she prays  for the most important thing to her in this world. Us.

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