If you’ve seen the Friends reunion trailer, then we bet you’re ecstatic and absolutely beyond excited for its release! But you know what really has us all feeling so nostalgic? It’s how the trailer has recreated the most iconic parts of the show. Take a look.

1. The One With The Iconic Fountain 

The beginning number of the show was one of the most enjoyable parts of it. You cannot deny that that song had everyone grooving and clapping to every beat. Well, they brought in the damn fountain from that song into the reunion. 

2. The One Where Phoebe Says ‘My Eyes, My Eyes!’ 

Who doesn’t remember the moment when everyone found out about Monica and Chandler being together? And, of course, Phoebe being the first one to stumble onto the pair getting ready to have sex with each other? Her response was the most epic!

3. The One With Joey’s Hand Twin

Joey hatching a plan to make millions with the help of his hand twin – another iconic moment. And, in the trailer, Matt LeBlanc, and his on-screen hand twin Thomas Patrick Lennon make an appearance together once again. 

4. The One With Janice Saying ‘Oh My God’

I low-key liked Janice, her loudness was kind of quirky! So when they brought Maggie Wheeler in this time, and made her say ‘Oh my God!’ All the times she said that through out the show came rushing back. 

5. The One With The Eighteen-Page Letter

Rachel’s eighteen-page letter, phew! What a way to communicate. But the real fun part was when Ross had everyone sit down to discuss the letter to figure it out. And, especially when Jennifer Anniston mentions ‘Front and back,’ to get the details absolutely correct. 

6. The One Where We See Richard Again

The trailer shows a brief clip of Richard AKA Tom Selleck entering Monica’s apartment. And it has us wondering how that will be shown further! 

7. The One With Phoebe Playing Guitar

Every time Lisa Kudrow picked up that guitar of hers, I bet everyone anticipated her singing ‘Smelly Cat,’ or at the very least, just wonder what quirky song she has up her sleeve this time around. 

8. The One With The Barcalounger

We all remember how in season two, Joey surprises Chandler with two Barcalounger chairs. And, how the two respond to sinking into the super comfy chairs! 

9. The One With The Holiday Armadillo 

This was when Ross attempts to educate his son Ben about the Jewish festival Hanukkah. The season seven episode had everyone in splits when Ross turned up in this hilarious armadillo costume!

10. The One With Everyone Chilling At Central Perk 

The trailer has a clip during which the whole group is chilling on the iconic orange couch, in what seems like a Central Perk set up and ambience. 

11. The One With Monica’s Kitchen 

Almost half the show was filmed in Monica’s apartment. And, a considerable amount of that was in Monica’s kitchen! So glad they show that again. 

12. The One With The Iconic Group Hug

The whole vibe of the show is represented by this photo of them in a group hug. And, we can’t wait to see more of it!

Which of these are you waiting to see the most? 

Design Credits: Nupur Agrawal